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    embedding Pys60 with Qt apps?

    out of curiosity, can this be done?
    because you know, supposed that you really wanted camera capabilities with you apps that you can submit to the OVI store now, and you couldn't wait for Qt mobility 1.2 to land?
    since pys60 2.0 is compatible with the OVI store. might wanna explore the possibility.

    and No, i'm not looking for PySide. i just want to embed it for it's camera capability.

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    Re: embedding Pys60 with Qt apps?

    If there's anything missing from Qt it would be more natural to access that feature natively, through Symbian C++ APIs.
    As for PyS60 being Ovi Store compatible, that is another topic that would deserve some investigation.
    -- Lucian

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    Re: embedding Pys60 with Qt apps?

    so you can access camera features in Qt now? even in a less natural way?

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