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    Voice Recognition and Java Speech Api in j2me sdk 3.0


    I am currently working on an app that retrives the location of a person .This is invoked using voice commands.
    But i guess the sdk i use is not supporting java speech api.And most of the phones do not support java speech api.
    Is there a way apart from jsapi2 that can build a voice command application to invoke another application.And one more thing
    though nokia n97 mini supports PIM api when i run pim apps its not working.

    How come though phones have voice command capability still they dont support jsapi?can i use qt to develop that application?This is my final yr project
    Please help me.

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    Re: Voice Recognition and Java Speech Api in j2me sdk 3.0

    sorrt friend but it is not possible to use JAVA speech Api as the implementation of this API is vendor specific there is no way to get acess to it, rather i will suggest it to make voice recognition part as VLINGO that server makes the sound comaprision and sends result back

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