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    XQCamera full screen on Symbian

    Hi folks,

    Currently I am working on an Application which involves the Camera. Currently I tried using the XQCamera it works but with some issues which I cannot seem to resolve:

    The quality when using the XQViewFinderWidget is very poor
    The camera size cannot be full screen, even if I change the setViewfinderSize() larger than 256×192 (which takes only the half of the screen)

    Is there somebody who managed to make the camera full screen using the XQCamera API?

    Or does somebody have a better solution to make the camera work as expected and to be inside the application?

    Here is the image of my phone.

    Software information:

    • Symbian^3
    • Qt 4.6.3
    • Qt Mobility 1.0.2

    Thank you in advance.

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    Re: XQCamera full screen on Symbian

    Hi milotshala,

    If you have XQCamera Api can u send it to me because I could not find it anywhere to download...please

    my email id is dhanunjay1988@gmail.com

    Thanks in advance

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