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    Post Problem in converting QString to TDesC8

    Hello everyone,,

    I got problem with converting QString to TDesC8

    this is my block-code:

    QString key = "abcdef0123456789";
    TPtrC8 dataPtrKey(reinterpret_cast<const TUint8*>(key.toUtf8().constData()));
    TBufC8 *iKey = HBufC8::NewLC(dataPtrKey.Length());

    Compiling process was success.
    But, when I open my program in Symbian Emulator and entering that block-code, my program was exit.

    What's wrong with my code?

    thanks before,,

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    Re: Problem in converting QString to TDesC8

    Finally I can solve this problem.

    QString key= "abcdef0123456789";
    TBuf<16> initialVector(key.utf16());
    TBuf8<16> iKey;
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