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    Red face publishing to Ovi Store and also the web site

    Hello all,

    I try to publish the application to OviStore, and at the same time publish the app on own web page.

    I know if I just want to publish the app to OviStore, follow the Nokia free symbian signing process and get signed -> submit to publish.ovi.com.-> QA process -> publish!

    But I'm not sure about the publishing to own web page. in this case, what kind of signing process is needed?
    Is it Certified signed which can be done by www.symbiansigned.com?

    I need to clarify the whole process...

    Thank you in advance.

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    Re: publishing to Ovi Store and also the web site

    When you distribute your application through your website you need one of the following:
    - application uses only basic capabilities: self signing is sufficient
    -.application uses advanced capabilities: you either have to use "Express Signing" (costs 200$ + requires that you run a business with a VAT) or you have to sign the sis file for each customer individually (using their phone's IMEI) through symbiansigned.com.

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