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    QTransform problem on Symbian phone...

    Here is the problem: i am using QTransform to paint an image on the screen.

    This is the matrix i am using:
    m13 = 0
    m23 = 0
    m33 = 1

    On Pc, on the simulator, this is done properly. On Symbian instead, this become a simple "scale" matrix with no shearing/rotation at all... which is WRONG.

    I guess the problem lies in the different way Symbian handles floating points... But does anybody has a pointer on how to fix this?
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    Re: QTransform problem on Symbian phone...

    I am answering to myself.

    This is indeed another of the oh-so-many Qt bugs related to floating point and transformations. Really it seems Qt is riddled with these. Hey guys, never heard of floating point precision and rounding errors?

    Anyway, my solution has been calculate the "inverse" matrix then invert it. So all the mXY coefficients are big enough to avoid any internal roudoff imprecision in Qt and return a valid matrix, that then i invert.

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    Re: QTransform problem on Symbian phone...

    This is true that on ARM platform qreal is defined as float, while on desktop it's defined as double. It causes different results when you due to different rounding errors. This especially became crucial, when you do multiple matrix operations. However, your numbers are not small enough to be rounded, when single precision is used.
    I will leave this thread in Symbian forum, however, Symbian is not only ARM platform existing.

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