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    File opening + memory problem on device


    I'm using an xml file with a size of about 3MB.
    This works in the simulator.
    But on the device (Nokia N8) i'm getting a "not enough memory" error, when tryiung to load the file.
    I read about changing the TARGET.EPOCHEAPSIZE in the project file an did so without success:

    TARGET.EPOCHEAPSIZE = 0x20000 0x1000000 // Min 128kb, Max 16Mb
    I open the file with the following code:

    QString gpxFile = QFileDialog::getOpenFileName(this, QString("Open File"), QString("D:/"), QString("*.gpx"));
        if (gpxFile=="") {return;}
        QFile sourceDocument;
        if (!sourceDocument.open(QIODevice::ReadOnly)) {
            QMessageBox msgBox;
             msgBox.setText("ERROR LOADING.");
        QDomDocument doc( "sourceDocument" );
        doc.setContent( &sourceDocument );
    Maybe someone can help?
    Thanks a lot.

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    Re: File opening + memory problem on device

    A DOM is going to take several times the space of the raw file.

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