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    xhtml - correct file name


    i tried to establish a wml and a xhmtl version of my webSite, next to a normal html version.

    wap phones like the 7250 are using the index.wml file correctly,
    pc browsers use the index.html.
    this situation works fine.

    today, i used a 3650 phone to enter.
    it wants to use the normal index.html.

    but i wants it to use the .xhtm file on the server.

    my question:

    do i have to name the index file as index.xhtml?
    or does a xhtml-mp phone tries to open ALWAYS the .html file?
    if i program in xhtml, does i have to name the file .xhtml and can a xhtml-mp phone open these files within the browser?
    or should i rather use a normal .html file instead?



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    you should name the file *.xhtml and set the correct MIME type to the web server to serve XHTML content to Nokia 3650 and other clients supporting XHTML. The correct MIME type for XHTML content is either application/vnd.wap.xhtml+xml or application/xhtml+xml.

    Kind regards,
    Satu/Forum Nokia Developer Support

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    Hi b2

    Im having the same kind of issue!!
    I want my domain name (URL) to be accessed by different wap versions as well as xhtml browser types.
    Any info/ code would be extremely appreciated, cheers paul

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