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    index.wml does not work


    i have a simple question:

    my personal phone, the nokia 7250, opens, while entering www.boredomtwo.de, correctly the index.wml file to start browsing.
    if i try to enter the site with a nokia 8310 or nokia 6210, it does not work.
    but if i enter www.boredomtwo.de/index.wml, it works.

    my question is - why is this like that and is there a way to fix it?
    on the server, there is a index.wml, a index.html and a index.xhtml file.

    a .htaccess file manages it like that:
    AddType application/x-type-map var
    Options +MultiViews
    DirectoryIndex index

    an index. var file follows like that:
    URI: index; vary="type"

    URI: index.html
    content-type: text/html; qs=1.0

    URI: index.xhmtl
    content-type: text/xhtml; qs=0.9

    URI: index.wml
    content-type: text/vnd.wap.wml; qs=0.8

    this works fine with pc browsers, and series40 phones, but older phones like the 8310 seems not to understand that.
    how could i fix this?



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    Me too!

    Though it works fine in many phones and emulators, the subdomain I created for our WAP site:


    gets an error 502 on many phones. Though, in the problem phones, the site can be viewed fine when viewing the complete URL:


    The domain forwarding information all looks fine to me, and again -- it works fine for most. Any ideas on how I can remedy this?

    Many thanks!


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