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    Howto set the calendar uid


    I'm writing an application to synchronize Google Calendar with my Nokia 5230 via serial connection to my pc. To have a "smarter" synch process, it would be necessary to set the uid in the created event so that I can compare it later with my existing google events.

    This seems not to be working. I get a "Field is read only" exception while using
    event.setString(Event.UID,0 , PIMItem.ATTR_NONE, uid);
    Also the import function seems to set its own uid.
    My question:
    is there any way to change the uid or is it absolutely forbidden to change it?

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    Re: Howto set the calendar uid

    What about creating a mapping table between the phone‘s UID and the Google ID?

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    Re: Howto set the calendar uid

    Yes, that would work. However, I didn't want to store this data on my pc. But if there's no other way, I'll go this way.

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