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    Nokia 22 troubleshoot

    Posted by Denis Belih, denis@parkmv.lv
    on March 21, 2002 at 10:25

    I currently have two problems with our Nokia 22, which I'm unable to solve. Device is connected to extention of Samsung NX1232 PBX.

    1: After some time the device hangs up. It gives a short beep and disconnects. After restart everything works fine.

    2: The device can disconnect during a convesation. Usaually it happens after a minute or two of conversation. When I disconnect it from PBX and talk through trunk, it does not interrupt the connection.

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    RE: Nokia 22 troubleshoot

    Posted by Forum Nokia Developer Support,
    on March 22, 2002 at 07:44

    The new SW for the Nokia 22 is now available. It improves the compatibility of the Nokia 22 with different types of PBXs.
    Check the Product support page in
    there will be new document that describes what has to be done during
    the installation to the extension interface with the new SW.

    In general, if N22 is used in PBX interface, and RS-232 interface is not needed, GSM start up mode is recommended
    to set to be *Voice mode".

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