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    Question [Urgent]Calling Innovator Contest 2011-Use of NokiaQtSDK for Developing VOIP and APS


    We want to develop application for the Calling innovator contest 2011. It seems the application developed using 4.6.3 (NokiaQtSDK) are accepted.

    We have some questions that needs some help

    1. Can we develop application that uses VOIP and APS Plugins ?
    2. Is it acceptable for the contest , since these plug ins are more platform specific ?
    3. Can we ignore the built in Nokiaqtsdk and use the 4.6.3 sources with S60 to develop this app ?

    4. Does Calling Innovator Contest 2011 have a separate forum for discussion?

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    Re: [Urgent]Calling Innovator Contest 2011-Use of NokiaQtSDK for Developing VOIP and

    It would be great if you and your friend mail2karthi07 would keep this discussion out of this technology specific forum. The rules of a competition are not something that Qt as a technology, or Symbian as a platform, have anything to say about.

    Please continue the discussion here. This thread is closed.
    -- Lucian

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