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    Python on Symbian

    I am reading Python on Symbian on the wiki page of this site:

    while reading, I came across this code within the body of a long code and I don't seem to understand what it does. I know what a try and except does but what the try line is set to fetch is completely unknown to me.

    noteString = '\n'.join(note.value for note in contactList[0].find(type='note'))
    noteString = u"No notes available"
    noteString = u"The phone number was not found"

    Could anyone please help me with the explanations please.
    thank you.

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    Re: Python on Symbian

    (1) contactList is a list of contacts returned as a result of the search.
    (2) contactList[0].find(type='note') returns a list of the fields of type note from the first contact in (1).
    '\n'.join(note.value for note in contactList[0].find(type='note')) means this: concatenate the values of the elements in (2) but put the '\n' character between them.

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