Hi, can you help me please ? My application has name gps. I have installed Qt SDk 1.1 TP.

I have a problem with trying to play my program in N900 device, if I build application its OK, but if I want to play it that message I recieved:

Running build steps for project gps...
Configuration unchanged, skipping qmake step.
Starting: "/usr/bin/make" -w
make: Entering directory `/home/twyer/programming/gps-build-maemo'
make: Nothing to be done for `first'.
make: Leaving directory `/home/twyer/programming/gps-build-maemo'
The process "/usr/bin/make" exited normally.
Creating package file ...
Package Creation: Running command 'dpkg-buildpackage -nc -uc -us'.
dpkg-buildpackage: set CFLAGS to default value: -g -O2
dpkg-buildpackage: set CPPFLAGS to default value:
dpkg-buildpackage: set LDFLAGS to default value:
dpkg-buildpackage: set FFLAGS to default value: -g -O2
dpkg-buildpackage: set CXXFLAGS to default value: -g -O2
parsechangelog/debian: warning: debian/changelog(l5): badly formatted trailer line
LINE: -- Lukáš Aron <twyer@unknown> St, 09 úno 2011 21:32:30 +0100
parsechangelog/debian: warning: debian/changelog(l5): found eof where expected more change data or trailer
Use of uninitialized value $v in pattern match (m//) at /home/twyer/QtSDK/Maemo/4.6.2/madlib/perl5/Dpkg/Fields.pm line 229, <STDIN> line 5.
Packaging Error: Command 'dpkg-buildpackage -nc -uc -us' failed.Exit code: 255
Error while building project gps (target: Maemo)
When executing build step 'Packaging for Maemo'