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    Question to know an image is PNG32 or PNG8

    is there any way to know an image is png32 or png8 in runtime state ?

    because, I need to know which image use how much heap when it s loaded.

    I can compute it with image.width x image.height. but, I need to know 32 or 8 bit depth to know exact heap size.

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    Re: to know an image is PNG32 or PNG8

    Hi adem666,

    Please refer the javax.microedition.lcdui.Graphics APIods toc . First create the image object from the image object get the graphics and try some of these meth to compute color depth getBlueComponent() , getReadComponent() , getGreenComponent() , getGrayScale() methods . May be these methods helps you .

    Depth of the image will be calculated like = r*g*b

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    Re: to know an image is PNG32 or PNG8

    The original format is irrelevant to the heap requirements. The number of bits per pixel will be chosen by the phone, usually to match it's display hardware (plus some implementation-dependent alpha data).


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