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    Angry N8 Content error 6 when rotating display


    I have a Flash lite 3.0 SWF (for backwards compatibility) that loads in some jpegs using loadMovie(). The SWF works fine except when you rotate the phone. It doesn't matter whether you stop rotation using DisableAutoRotation() or not. The player will throw a content error 6 message. The funny thing is if rotation is enabled the SWF rotates no problems but it still throws the error.

    Has anyone else seen this and do they have a work around? It doesn't happen on the N97 so I assume it's isolated to Symbian^3.

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    Re: N8 Content error 6 when rotating display

    There were two issues in play and one has been mentioned in another thread previously:

    1) The errors were caused by using JPEGs. When the images were converted to PNG the error went away.

    2) It also turns out that I had deleted the device actionscript files and didn't notice the compiler errors. You have to love how Flash still runs despite errors.

    For reference, a lot of posts describing how to disable auto rotation don't actually mention you need the actionscript device library which can be found here:

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