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    Problem with Database and StringTokenizer in J2ME?

    Hello, good evening.

    I used StringTokenizer in my "SMS Textspeak Corrector". This application has a database "db.txt" as I mentioned in my other topics.

    This is the database what it looks like if you try to open my database:
    As you can see in my database, there is a "|" in the middle of two words. Which means "u" is a textspeak and the "you" is the original word and the bar their is the delimiter. As you can see as well, I just copied the words and just putted a question mark. Because in the SMS there's a period, question, and exclamation marks on every end of the sentence. And the StringTokenizer will read the word (along with the question mark) as a whole word. If the program found a match in the database it will replace the textspeak to its original word. Hope you guys got it. Just tell if you didn't get it.

    What I want is to erase the "u?|you?|wer?|where?|wen?|when?|dat?|that?|"

    and retain the "u|you|wer|where|wen|when|dat|that|" so that the database won't be so heavy.

    But the problem is those words that ends with period, question, and exclamation marks will not be replace.

    So how will I solve this problem?

    Here's the code of my StringTokenizer:
                  data = file();
                  text = message.getString();
                  StringTokenizer stText = new StringTokenizer(text," ");
                      int found = 0;
                      readWord = stText.nextToken();
                      StringTokenizer st = new StringTokenizer(data,"|");
                      while ((st.hasMoreTokens()) && (found==0))
                          txtspkWord = st.nextToken();
                          realWord = st.nextToken();
                              found = 1;
                          newtxt = newtxt + "" + realWord + " ";
                          newtxt = newtxt + "" + readWord + " ";
                  temp = newtxt;
                  newtxt = "";
                  capital = capitalize(temp);
                  message = new TextBox ("Message", capital, 2000,TextField.ANY);
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    Re: Problem with Database and StringTokenizer in J2ME?


    Anyone could help?

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