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    About the new alliance (Nokia + Microsoft)

    1) Will running the Ovi Store?

    2)What language to learn? QT or C # (Currently I'm learning Qt)

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    Re: About the new alliance (Nokia + Microsoft)

    There will be over 3 million Symbian devices that need applications and that market is going to be strong for some time.

    I'd start transitioning to Windows Phone rather than Qt (by the way QT is Apple's Quick Time)


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    Re: About the new alliance (Nokia + Microsoft)

    All signs indicate, that Qt won't be supported on Windows Phone 7 (WP7). Portability of source code will be an issue, if you wish to develop both other platforms than WP7, too.

    If you use WP7, your apps will also work on Samsung and HTC, etc., WP7 phones. Not just Nokia. For now, and not for a while (presumably), there will not be any Nokia WP7 based phones. How long it takes before there is, Nokia has not said.

    If you use Qt, your apps will work on those current and future Nokia phones based on Symbian, for as long as Nokia keeps cranking out Symbian based phones, too.

    If you want your app to work on both Qt and WP7, you need to write it twice.

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