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    Deploy to x6 from a mac

    Is there something im missing. i am trying to see where i go to set up the deployment of my app to my x6 but i can find any refferance to hardware s60 devices? i can run it in all the simulators but now i want to move it to my x6. im running the latest version of qt creator

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    Re: Deploy to x6 from a mac

    If you have created the installable .sisx file, you can just copy it over to your phone from a Mac using an USB (mass storage mode) connection, or Bluetooth. Once copied, launch the installation by opening the .sisx file using the phone's File Manager, or open it from the Inbox (if you ended up sending it as a Bluetooth OBEX message).

    You can also put the .sisx file on a web server and download it to the phone from there using WLAN or the phone network.

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