Hi every one
Kindly I need your help to execute below code .
import com.nokia.mid.iapinfo.*;
public getAPNList() throws IAPInfoException
//Obtain IAPInfo object by factory
IAPInfo iapinfo = IAPInfo.getIAPInfo();
//Get list of available Destination Networks
DestinationNetwork dnetworks[] = iapinfo.getDestinationNetworks();
//Get list of access points from each destination network
for(int i=0;i<dnetworks.length;i++)
DestinationNetwork dn = dnetworks[i];
AccessPoint aps[];
// if Destination Network is not null, get list of APN in it.
if(dn ! = null)
aps = dn.getAccessPoints();
for(int j=0;i<aps.length;j++);
AccessPoint ap=aps[j];
// if APN is not null, get its name
if(ap != null)System.out.println(ap.getName());

I download jdk&netbeans & Nokia N79 SDK and series 40 6th ,also I configured the netbeans to find the mentioned SDK but hen I tried to execute up code in netbeans but can't find the imported package for nokia ,"com.nokia.mid.iapinfo.*;"

so kindly i need your advice is there any tool i forget it or what
also I followed the below link to setting the J2ME

Many Thanks for your advice