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    Problem with WRT/Flash ExternalInterface

    I'm doing a WRT app that uses flash inside. The thing is i have to pass parameters to the swf via javascript. So i created a function in javascript like

    function returnFunction()
        return "test";
    and in my SWF i have the following code:

    import flash.external.ExternalInterface;
    var result:Object = ExternalInterface.call("returnFunction");
    versionTxt.text = "Returned: " + String(result);
    So, this works fine when i run on my local machine(had to change some security on the flash player) and when i host it on a server. But i have to run it on a mobile phone, so i wrapped it in a WRT app, but when i test it, it returns like:

    Returned: null

    So i'm out of options here, is it a security problem? I guess i already saw something like this running in WRT so i'm quite sure it's possible, just don't know what i'm missing here :/

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    Re: Problem with WRT/Flash ExternalInterface

    Hi tvalle,
    Welcome to Flash Lite Dibo ! I did use ExternalInterface in one of my project and it worked fine for me when we return value from a js function to flash object via ExternalInterface. I tested it on Nokia N8 (Flash Lite 4). Please, let us know on which phone you are using? and do u read the sample code of this article ? It may helps you.

    Best Regards,

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