Finally version 1.0 of a first Qt app has gone through QA and surfaced in the Ovi Store earlier this week. (I'm coming in from Anrdoid where I've gotten some decent play)
Live is good, except for a wicked disclaimer that Ovi Store QA has added:
"This item may require a one-time download of components as large as 13 MB. Use of WLAN is recommended"
Absolutely not the case, any server interaction is 50KB max and the app is completely suitable to run on 3G or Edge end to end. So I tried to update the app description in to at least take the edge of, to no avail.

Needless to say this is a total turn off. The use model of the app assumes a fair amount of user mobility, so that's what I *specifically* designed for. An area where I've invested a considerable amount of work.

It doesn't take much research to reveal that others have been tagged with this boilerplate disclaimer as well, so I don't take it personal or anything. But still... Anybody know how to get rid of this nuisance?