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    installing new font to n73

    i found a way to install new font to my n73. That is,

    1. Symbian 9.1 supports and uses TTF
    and Openfasce TTF fonts!
    2. Make folder on mem card as follows:
    3. Pick TTF font and rename apropriate
    files as described below
    4. Copy these to newly created folder
    5. You can use any TTF in this purpose
    6. Recomended is usage of hi-quality
    fonts which support full range of code
    7. Original fonts are stored in Z: drive 8. Fonts:
    nosnr60.ttf = Nokia Sans S60 Regular
    nssb60.ttf = Nokia Sans S60 SemiBold
    nstsb60.ttf = Nokia Sans S60 TitleSmBd

    is it safe to install font in this way? Is it not damage to phone softwear?

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    Re: installing new font to n73

    provided that the fonts do have all of the characters defined in the original one, and provided that you only remove the memory card when the device is powered down, then I would suppose it to be rather safe.

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