Hey, all,
I don't know why this happened today, as my s60 emulator worked fine in the last few days. When I opened my s60 emulator in whatever way, it just crashed with the following log info from epocwind.out. Could anyone help me with this? Thanks very much.

PlatSecEnforcement OFF
PlatSecDiagnostics ON
PlatSecProcessIsolation ON
PlatSecEnforceSysBin ON
PlatSecDisabledCaps NONE
0.000 Thread 00f8d870 created @ 0xf8d870 - Win32 Thread ID 0x1270
0.000 Thread EKern.exe::Supervisor created @ 0x16f33fc - Win32 Thread ID 0x1308
0.000 Thread EKern.exe::DfcThread0 created @ 0x16f3ea4 - Win32 Thread ID 0x1458
0.000 Thread EKern.exe::DfcThread1 created @ 0x16f42b8 - Win32 Thread ID 0xdc0
0.000 Thread EKern.exe::TimerThread created @ 0x16f4b6c - Win32 Thread ID 0x1078
0.010 Thread EKern.exe::FlashThread created @ 0x16f9634 - Win32 Thread ID 0x14b8
0.010 Thread EKern.exe::MultiMediaCard0 created @ 0x16fa508 - Win32 Thread ID 0x10e4
0.015 Thread EKern.exe::NandThread created @ 0x16fd084 - Win32 Thread ID 0x132c
0.020 FAULT: EXSTART 00000002