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    Atinav aveLink BT


    I found the below thread related to my doubt and i would like to get more details.


    I am looking for an API for creating a Desktop application and came across Atinav. But couldnt get any information regarding that (Documentation or the jar file to download). Please tell me, whether this API is still available: Because, When you mean it is dead, "This is J2SE code? To run on a PC? I think this is dead, look for another implementation of JSR82 on Windows (like BlueCove). You will need to adapt the code.

    , couldnt Atinav API be used for j2se implementation?

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    Re: Atinav aveLink BT

    Welcome to Forum Nokia!!

    If you want to use Bluetooth in a Java SE application, BlueCove appears to be the most widely used implementation.


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