The Nokia x Burton: Push Snowboarding project is about showcasing the power of Nokia devices by collecting data from snowboarders that's never before been captured together. And in the spirit of Nokia Push, everything's being done openly, with the help of the Nokia community to shape the future of the project. They've updated us on the technology they're using, how their tests have gone (Round Up 1 and Round Up 2) and are now inviting the developer community to get involved, too.

The team behind the project has just returned from their alpha tests, held during the Burton European Open in Laax, Switzerland, where they fitted the Push Snowboarding kit to Burton pro-riders and captured data from their rides. Now they've made this data open to everyone.

When they say it's open, they mean really open. You can download everything! the data they captured from the pros, details of the sensors that have been used, the Arduino code that handles the Bluetooth communication to the Nokia N8 and even the source code for the Qt application they've developed.

Check out Jason's blog for more information.