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    How do I invoke text edit window in my MIDP ?

    I have created my first test app in NetBeans using this tutorial, http://netbeans.org/kb/docs/javame/svgtouch.html

    I have created jad/jar files and loaded to my N8 and installed my app.
    I can get the app to move between the screens I have created and I can focus on text entry fields but I can not add text to the field.
    The field properties in NetBeans is "Is Edittable (ticked)" meaning yes.

    How do I invoke text entry pop-up window ?

    I have been relying on the visual designer tool of NetBeans so far.


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    Re: How do I invoke text edit window in my MIDP ?

    Hi scottb,

    Use the slandered j2me UI component and develop the sample project and try . it will helps in understanding the things well.

    Please go thorough the examples which is already there in the Netbeans .

    Some more useful links http://netbeans.org/kb/docs/javame/quickstart.html

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