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    Post Location bsed service - examples and challenges.

    Hello, everyone.

    Could you please assist me in getting some info on the following questions regarding location based services?

    1. If a service provider needs to have information on the current location of the mobile phone (the fact is known to the user of the service and they should be willing to disclose their location) what will the mobile operator require from the service provider to give it access to the location data? ( a special agreement, etc.) What is a "standart procedure" from the point of view of the operator?

    2. In what form is the location info given by the operator to the service provider? At least what's the most common form or method?

    3. Is there a standart protocol for querying the position of mobile stations by the service provider from the operator's network? Heard of the MLP protocol but I don't actually know if it's accepted by any mobile operators. What's the real-life situation?

    I will be extremely grateful for any information, real-life examples and case studies.

    Thank you very much in advance.

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    Re: Location bsed service - examples and challenges.

    actually i'm a little confused with what you mean with a service provider and a mobile operator... Afaik those two are the same ? For example Vodafone : it's a mobile operator but also a service provider (eg it provides you with obviously a mobile connection but also extra services like app stores, internet connectivity ecc)...
    Or is a service provider in this specific case an app development instance ? In this case my experience is that the service provider won't be getting any location data from the mobile operator, unless it's NOT a service provider : for example government instances like the police actually can get that kind of information through a mobile operator...
    Even the big service providers like Google had to go through a tedious mapping of all cell-id's themselves creating a DB out of all that data and afterwards they could approximate your location based on cell-id's (unless those weren't in the DB)...

    In short : the mobile provider obviously can triangulate a mobile's rough position but they keep that kind of info/tech to themselves...
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    Re: Location bsed service - examples and challenges.

    Yep, you should actually build the services in a way that they are used by mobile client applciations which have APIs for getting location, then the client device could give you the location directly. I'm not aware of any service in which the operator would provide location data of the users to the services in general.

    Anyway, what kind of service you have in mind ?

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