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    Help quality assurance

    I sent my first java application to QA.

    This is the result:

    Dear Publisher,
    Thank you for Submitting ItemName. Unfortunately the content item and or file Did not pass the Ovi quality assurance (QA) review process.

    Comments from the QA team:
    QA Failed. ISSUE: SUMMARY: Application crashes when to Starting installation.
    ACTUAL RESULT: When Starting Following the installation the error message is Displayed "Installation Failed: Unable to install application. Installation Corrupted Files. Processing attribute" MIDlet-Jar-Size 'failed. "
    EXPECTED RESULT: The application is Properly installed and no error message is displayed.
    AFFECTED DEVICES: Nokia N97 (10.0.012) Nokia 5800 XM (52.0.007) Nokia N8-00 (013,009) (public, Qa in progress -> Qa failed)

    The file failed QA Following on the target (s):


    Why is this happening?

    When I tested the application on the mobile, installed correctly.

    I think in the QA changed the size of the jar and this causes the problem.

    How do I know what will be the final size of the jar for setting the attribute MIDlet-Jar-Size correctly?

    Thanks in advance for assisting with the publication of my first application.

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    Auto Re: Help quality assurance


    The problem was that we sent a damaged file version to QA. This happened to pack and unpack the files with winrar program and pass a Windows system to another Linux.

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