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    DirectGraphics.fillTriangle() causes weird KERN_EXEC 3 on 7650 FW4.37, 4.39 & 4.46

    Hi there!

    This more a bug report than a question:

    On my 7650, DirectGraphics.drawTriangle() causes the application to terminate with an error message: "App. Closed jes-XX-javax-microedition.lcdui0@1... KERN_EXEC 3"

    This bug seems to have been intruduced some time after FW version 3.12 (on this fillTriangle works as expected).

    I tested FW 4.37, 4.39 and 4.46, and all of them exposed the same behaviour.

    As a workaround, I use fillPolygon now instead (tested on FW 4.46). However, for my project this causes a platform dependency since on the 7210 fillTriangle is much faster than fillPolygon - so I still have to use fillTriangle there.

    Anyway: From you guys at Nokia (if any of you is reading this) I'd like to know whether you even know about this bug, and if you do any testing before you release a new firmware version (mind you, this is the third release in a row I know of which exposes this behaviour and nobody seemed to notice or bother to fix it)

    With buggy firmware, developing for Nokia phones, especially the 7650, is a very cumbersome task which costs companies like mine a lot of money, and effectively prevents a wider range of applications to be available for your phone platforms.

    So if anyone at Nokia is reading this, please DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT, it also costs you money, not just us developers!



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    Hi Uwe,

    I have the same Proble using a Nokia 3650, and I would like to test a few other firmware Versions. Can you tell me where I can get some other firmware Versions, or how to install them?



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