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    Analogue Audio Output from Nokia 30

    Posted by James Cutajar, jcbarman@hotmail.com
    on April 04, 2002 at 13:33

    We have developed an application using multiple Nokia M2M modems connected via RS232 ports using AT commands. We are now in need to provide an audio output from the modems without changing the current communication set-up (AT commands). Can the Nokia 30 provide us with just an analogue audio output to a speaker from the M2M 50 pin connector, without having to change our current RS232 communication set-up? If so, what hardware configuration would be required?

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    RE: Analogue Audio Output from Nokia 30

    Posted by Forum Nokia Developer Support,
    on April 10, 2002 at 08:23

    When you are using Nokia30 with AT commands, then it is possible to use audio at the same time. The Nokia30 offers two different audio types, digital and analog. Those lines are multiplexed in m2m system connector, so there is one physical audio interface. The analog audio interface consists of differential Mic and ear signals:
    mic+ pin 23
    mic- pin 25
    ear+ pin 26
    ear- pin 28

    The default setting in the audio type is digital. You need to change the audio type to analog until you can use analog audio.
    The only way to change the audio mode is using nokia30 configurator.

    Nokia 30 Configurator software will be available in the Forum Nokia web page in the near future. After you have changed the audio type to analog mode, you must reboot the terminal, because the Nokia30 reads the audio mode (analog or digital) in start up.

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