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    [moved] Application version for outer smart installer package


    As mentioned here
    all Qt apps for Ovi store should be packaged with smart installer.

    I want to assign version number to my package. It's no problem when it comes
    to "inner" sis package. Here's part of project file:


    packageheader = "$${LITERAL_HASH}{\"Some name\"},(some uid), $${VERSION_MAJOR}, $${VERSION_MINOR}, 0, TYPE=SA"

    my_deployment.pkg_prerules = packageheader
    DEPLOYMENT += my_deployment

    But how to set version number of "outer" package with smart-installer?
    It doesn't respect version from project file.

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    Re: [moved] Application version for outer smart installer package

    A solution could be
    DEPLOYMENT.installer_header = "$${LITERAL_HASH}{\"My Application Installer\"},(0x12345678),1,0,0"
    You should probably also create a suggestion at http://bugreports.qt.nokia.com requestion that the version of the two *.pkg files should always be the same.
    -- Lucian

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