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    Related Studies of my program SMS Textspeak Corrector

    Hello, good afternoon.

    My thesis is "SMS Textspeak Corrector". This will correct SMS language into standard words.

    For example:
    The sender type "Dis s urs?"
    The recipient will receive "This is yours?"

    Can someone give me related studies about correcting words because I've searched this for almost 2 days already but I couldn't find at east one.


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    Re: Related Studies of my program SMS Textspeak Corrector


    You need to create your own dictionary kind of a thing in the application .

    You need to create the key values pairs like Dis => This dis=>This .

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    Re: Related Studies of my program SMS Textspeak Corrector

    You may Use RMS to create your own dictonary and correct it or use the array to store the words but RMS will be more good

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