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    Question Poor resolution of Camera capture using J2ME

    I made an application for Video Recording.But it has some problem like video quality is poor and picture size is just 176x144 whereas the phone support (640 x 480 pixels)as well.

    when I used the default setting with this :layer = Manager.createPlayer("capture://video");
    These are the possible encoding which is not supported in any Nokia device(especially NOKIA C5) as you can not set the Format and width (240 x 320 pixels)as well.
    With the following encoding when i want to open the camera the application suddenly exit without throwing any Exception.

    player = Manager.createPlayer("capture://video?encoding=video/mp4&width=320&height=240"
    player = Manager.createPlayer("capture://video?encoding=video/3gpp&width=320&height=240");
    player = Manager.createPlayer("capture://video?encoding=video/mp4&width=640&height=480"
    player = Manager.createPlayer("capture://video?encoding=video/3gpp&width=640&height=480");

    Is any possible encoding available to improve its quality and screen size of the video.

    Thanks for your help.
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    Re: Poor resolution of Camera capture using J2ME

    Hi dileepkumar.mindfire,

    Welcome to Forum Nokia Discussion Board !!
    Please refer these wiki articales for your problem.

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