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    Packagers and quit-problems

    Hello (first post in forum)

    Depending on what packager I use – applications doesn't exit/quit, whilst pushing the red physical phone button (down right). Normaly when button is pressed, app just quits. This works well using sis-files generated by Nokias online packager.

    Using either Carbide.c++ or Helliso generated sis-files (using same Flash Lite 2 app), make things different. Applications doesn't quit on such button-push. The screen content kind of fades out for 0.5 sec or so but fades in again to a normal function state. If I long-press the button, app (somewhat) appears to quit and phone home screen comes up. However, the application is still loaded. In order to terminate – I need to go /options/open applications/ and terminate it from there.

    (This was tested on C7-00 (Symbian^3) and 5230 (S60 5th) with same results.)

    Is this common knowledge with sollutions for?

    Thanks anyone for any input on this.

    Hakan Olsson
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