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    Problems with recording audio on 5230 (Symbian S60)


    I am new to symbian development, and this is the first time I am trying to deploy a simple piece of QT code into my 5230. The code is supposed to record a small clip from the user, and after being stopped, repeat the recording out loud. This works well in the simulator, but in the device I seem to not be able to make it work.

    I am using QAudioInput and QAudioOutput, and simply combined the examples from their reference pages (QAudioInput: http://doc.qt.nokia.com/stable/qaudioinput.html). I first record the clip and save it into a file, after which I read the file with an instance of QAudioOutput, and try to play it. I am under the impression that when I want to do these things, I have to define ReadUserData, UserEnvironment and WriteUserData in my TARGET.CAPABILITIES. That is what I am currently doing, but my debugging attempts suggest that my process fails when I start recording.

    I also stumbled into an example called "audiorecorder", which was a part of QTMobility project. However, it seems that QTMobility's multimedia library has not been implemented at all for Symbian S60, so it seemed to be better to steer away from that. On the other hand, I have seen no confirmation of my current method working under S60, but at least haven't found anything against it either.

    Anyway, could someone give me a small hint how to solve my problem? Please ask if I was not being clear enough on something. Any help greatly appreciated!

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    Re: Problems with recording audio on 5230 (Symbian S60)

    hey buddy me too facing the same problem... I am a student and new to Qt developing environment.Could you send the source code so that check for any error..... I had done a recording project on j2me. In Qt I developed the code but after building error message shows 'audiorecorder.h:No such file or directory'.Could you please help with that

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