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    Question Waiting Screen for this Sample

    i have a sample.
    this is full sample that i means:


    i wanna show a waiting screen when send sms to special port ( 7500 ).
    why after sending sms?!
    because when send sms to port,i should get some answer.
    listen function do it ( get sms for me ).
    how can i show waiting? ...

    if its possible answer with Thread.
    i Share,U Share,V Learn

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    Re: Waiting Screen for this Sample

    Hi dr_jacky_2005 ,

    Please read the forum nokia wiki section and go though the some more documents and understand the how the WMA works how the sms will be delivered . Go through WMA examples . The alerting is just a matter or keeping some flag on when the sms send and put the alert On and when the sms received keep the flag off and remove the alert based on that.

    Go though the below sun document it has clear explanation about push registry : http://developers.sun.com/mobility/m...icles/pushreg/

    Don't expect that some one will code and give it to you

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    Re: Waiting Screen for this Sample

    waiting screen might not be possible that much easily the simpler approach will be to display text as sending.... by adding one stringitem then flipping of form or else
    try this might help but it will surely make application complex

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