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    Problem with the nokia 5230 touchscreen

    Hi I recently bought the new nokia c3 phone. The problem is that i lost all my contacts on my old phone which was the 5230. What happened was the touch screen stopped working and i can't use it. The screen is fine i can still see things on it but can't use it. Also when i try connect it to the computer it asks me what mode i want to set it to. But i can't choose any due to the problem. Is there any way around this? i would like to get all my numbers back as i had alot.

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    Re: Problem with the nokia 5230 touchscreen

    I woujld suggest you ask this at the product discussion board http://www.nokia.com/discusssons/ this Forum Nokia site is for developer's support and we do not have any expetise in end products.

    One thing I might suggest is that generally the default mode is what you want to set it to, so just press OK and it might connect.


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