I'm very new to Python programming and recently found out that my Nokia 5800 can run Python code using PyS60.
Combining Python and mobile phones seems like a very fun way to learn Python.
However, it feels like my 5800 is bit outdated and that the N8 would be a great update.
I have searched this forum and found a few posts about Python and N8 (Symbian^3).
It seems that there are some problems with compability.
But the posts I've found do not really answer my questions.

My questions to you is:
1. Does PyS60 work good on Nokia N8? (Or should I use my 5800 to learn Python)
2. Will updates (in the close future) to the N8 firmware make PyS60 run better/worse?
3. Will there be future updates to PyS60 solving current problems?

Best regards