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    Question how to make an swf connect to internet?

    I hope someone knows about this.
    I am trying to get my swf file to connect or ask me o connect to internet. It works perfectly when packaged as a widget but when is packaged as a sis it doesn't work.
    I made a form that is used to send information and the variables are passed through a php file hosted on my website, but it doesnt seem to work as a stand alone player file.
    I hope someone can help.

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    Re: how to make an swf connect to internet?

    Can you please tell us which which ver of Flash lite u are targetting and which phone u are testing it on ?
    It is also worth checking the PUBLISH SETTINGS and sandbox issues.
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    Re: how to make an swf connect to internet?


    When packaging target c:\data\others\trusted as the installation path to allow your SWF to seek an internet connection. Apparently it's a security measure by Adobe.


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    Re: how to make an swf connect to internet?

    I just like to add little bit more detail to Seth Muriithi's reply. Trusted folder is required in Flash Lite 3.0 only if your application needs to access network as well as it needs local access. But if your swf file just needs a network access than follow the advise of Mani and one thing to check in this case is this that while packaging it for SIS you have to add the NetworkAccess capability to your Symbian C++ stub project and if you are using online packager then skip this step as the packager do this by itself.Hope it helps.

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