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    noob dev question

    good day everyone. i would just like to ask if the symbian 3 sdk has capability on creating portrait qwerty? or is the OS locked down when it comes to those functions? TIA

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    Re: noob dev question

    if you want to make a system wide QWRTY keyboard, then you would need to write FEP. Note that if it is really systemwide input that you need, it would really need to then replace the default input method, and the development would require rather high skillset. Also FEPs would require All-TCB capabilities, thus you would need to get manufacturer approval for the signings.

    Anyway, if you just need it for your own project, then you could try making it with buttons, or graphics. Then there not be any need for additional capabilities, as well as since it would only need to work on one use case, it would be a lot easier to get working as well as to fully test.

    Also do check wiki for half-qwerty mode.

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    Re: noob dev question

    thanks so much for the very informative response. ok i will look it up in wiki sir.

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