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    redirect the page to the link from the canvas in j2me

    Hello i want to redirect to the
    given url--"http://www.silvertouch.mobi/mynino/ninoparent/paypalPayment.php?"
    by clicking the button in the canvas page.How can it be possible to write platformRequest(url);in other canvas file.
    Help me if anyone know the solution.

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    Re: redirect the page to the link from the canvas in j2me

    You use platformRequest() like this:

    if (myMidlet.platformRequest(url)) {
    If the url is "http://..." it will cause the phone's browser to launch. Note that, on some devices, the application must terminate before the browser can launch (not all phones are multi-tasking). That's why you must check the return value from platformRequest(), and exit your app if it returns true.


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    Re: redirect the page to the link from the canvas in j2me

    FOR series 60 it is obviously possible while in case of series 40 you have to terminate you application and go start browser

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