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    Question Nokia 2690 record time - How To?

    The 2690' time record limit is 1H, i need to extend this time but there are no option to do so.
    Already set an SD as container location.

    There are apps. or modification to do so?


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    Re: Nokia 2690 record time - How To?

    HI Xarton!...

    You should visit the http://www.forum.nokia.com/Devices/D...ications/2690/ for more information!..

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    Re: Nokia 2690 record time - How To?

    The device specification won't help you. If the phone's built-in recording feature doesn't allow you to record more than 1 hour, there's nothing that you can do about it (and the Forum Nokia device spec page will not help there, as it probaby won't even mention such a detail in the first place).

    There might be a Java app that you could download and install, which can record more than that. Check getjar.com or Ovi Store (if that model is supported by Ovi Store).

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