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    Camera for Flash


    I use FLARToolkit for experimenting with Augmented Reality.
    Is there A way to use the N8 Camera as webcam for Flash? That would be great.

    Or is there a QT port of the ARToolkit?


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    Re: Camera for Flash

    Hi dichterDichter,
    I am afraid to say that it is not possible to use N8 Camera as a webcam in Flash Lite 4. As far as Qt is concerned it seems to be possible but i dont think ARToolKit is there. I read somewhere 2 months ago that Qt team is working on Qt AR APIs which help the developers to create AR application.Not sure whether the APIs are made public yet or not. However, you can take a look at video.
    For a better answer about Qt, you can ask it @ Qt Discussion Board .

    Best Regards,
    Sajid Ali Anjum

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    Re: Camera for Flash

    sad to hear that. it would be cool to be able to allow flash camera access.... even if its a second application that allows that.

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