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    Certified Sign HELP!

    Hi all,

    i am trying to submit my binary to SOGETi for testing but i have failed mutilple of times.
    It seems something wrong with the UID, but i have already searched my entire project and changed the UID given to me by Symbian signed.

    Here are the results.

    SIS File Scan Results
    Publisher ID Distinguished Name Not defined

    Note: The owner of each UID, SID, or VID shown below must match the Publisher ID Distinguished Name shown above otherwise your application will fail the Symbian Signed process.

    Type: SA - Application SIS File
    Total File count: 5

    Value Organization Name In Range
    0x200328C4 ABC.co yes

    Not Defined

    Not Defined

    Not Defined

    Not Defined

    Vendor name

    Target devices
    [0x101f7961] 0, 0, 0 {"Series60ProductID"}

    Target platforms
    Not Defined

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    Re: Certified Sign HELP!

    did you sign the sis file submitted with valid publicer ID cer & key files ?

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    Re: Certified Sign HELP!

    You can try doing the checks what Tineursic has done in this thread http://discussion.forum.nokia.com/fo...Symbian-signed
    - however the problem is not solved

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