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    How to change in the css off Nokia Mobile for Drupal

    Hi everydoby,
    Im not speaking inglish very well! so excuse me for mastakes!
    Im under Drupal CMS, i want to personalise my Nokia Mobile front. ther is tree folders in my css: high, low and mid, the default one is Low, i triyed to change in baseStyles.css, but ther is no change !!!

    Did anyone know how in can do to fix this probleme!

    Thanx you.

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    Re: How to change in the css off Nokia Mobile for Drupal

    Please, start by explaining which actual Nokia phone models you tested the CSS changes on, and also show the relevant CSS code (before you touched it, after your modifications + an example of what you expected to change and how, and what really happened, if anything).

    If possible, post URLs to pages on your site that shows both the "before" (unmodified CSS) and "after" (modified CSS), so that someone might take a look for real.

    Without such details regarding what you attempted to do and how, I'm afraid, it is impossible to be of any kind of real assistance here. In other words, your message is not enough to determine what the problem really is about (except that it has something unspecified to do with modifying Drupal CSS files that didn't lead to some unknown change that you expected to see).

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