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    File path in standard C apps

    how should the file paths using standard C on Symbian platform be represented?

    This question arises from that I use the open source sqlite standard C library in my symbian application, and when I try to open a database using sqlite3_open API, it returns error code = 14, that means " Unable to open the database file"

    the API :
    int sqlite3_open(
      const char *zFilename, 
      sqlite3 **ppDb 
    the call I do:
    	sqlite3 *db = NULL;
    	int result = sqlite3_open("C:\\data\\test.sqlite", &db);
    I get result = 14, unable to open database file

    any help?

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    Re: File path in standard C apps

    Open C (and Symbian) uses backslashes, so that path seems to be fine. Consider checking the internals of that function, it is open source after all.

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