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    Requirements for designing Location Based Service App

    Hi there,

    Am new to Symbian and JavaME. I however, would like to design a mobile app using J2ME that can help users locate nearby resources in my city.

    It is more like should use GPS to locate nearby resources like restaurants, saloons, car parks, hospitals to mention but a few.

    I am requesting for what I need to pull this off. I have been reading through the threads, and it seems designing an LBS needs a huge amount of time.

    What do i need to pull this off? Will the ovi maps api help me here incase am designing such an app without using a browser?

    Any help rendered is good. PS: I need to use J2ME for this app?

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    Re: Requirements for designing Location Based Service App

    I would suggest trying out Qt, and trying out the Mobility 1.1.0 APIs, there is a nice Maps API that cna be used for showing palces on map, as well as the QLocation module does have the poisionin gAPI so you cna easily get the GPS position.

    Then the data would be the only worry, but there should be some rest services you could get your data over HTTP queries.

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