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    Sign and Publish a theme created by symbian


    I created some themes published on the web.
    When I install the themes my phone throw a security warning.

    Now the question is, how to sign a theme in a way that I can upload to ovi store.

    I registered with ovi, receiving the cert and key file and a ovipublishcert... sis file.

    I used the cert, renamed as cer and created a new key pair by carbide 3.4.
    I sign with this key pair.

    However, the phone still gives the security warning.
    Using the "symbian developer certificate request" does not work with my cer and key file.

    So, what is the right way to go? Others manage to publish themes too! So it must work somehow.

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    Re: Sign and Publish a theme created by symbian

    You either need to get a publisher ID and have Symbian Signed sign it for you, or for Ovi Store, have Nokia sign it for you (if Nokia's free signing for Ovi Store includes signing themes).

    Besides that, to publish themes, you need to apply for a "premium" publisher status separately (otherwise Ovi Store will not distribute themes for you). If you log in to Ovi Publish and read the FAQs, this is explained there.

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