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    Qt Mobility API 1.1.0 and Ovi Store

    Can I use Qt Mobility API 1.1.0 to develop an application for Ovi Store? In this application I need to use Camera, which is not available in Mobility API 1.0.0. So, If I use 1.1.0, can I publish it to Ovi?
    If not possible, can you suggest me any other way?
    I could not find any link that shows up what are packages that can be or can not be used for Qt application development in Ovi store.

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    Re: Qt Mobility API 1.1.0 and Ovi Store

    No, at the moment API 1.1.0 is not allowed in Ovi store. But there are rumours that in the first half of 2011 also the 1.1.0 API will be supported.
    As an alternative you can use native Symbian C++ access to the camera, which is in reality very easy use.

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